The ADA research group welcomes Julia Wąsala

Julia recently joined the ADA group as a PhD candidate after completing her master’s thesis in the group and graduating cum laude. Before starting her master Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence at Leiden University, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Astronomy at Leiden. 

In her master’s she specialised in Automated Machine Learning for Earth Observation. She developed a neural architecture search framework for super-resolution for Earth Observation images. Super-resolution is a technique used to increase the resolution of images. Increasing the resolution of satellite imagery can help achieve better results on a variety of tasks that are relevant to applications such as land and forestry management and disaster relief.

During her PhD, she will continue to work on the topic of Automated Machine Learning for Earth Observation, in collaboration with ESA Phi-Lab and SRON. The manual design of Earth Observation analysis pipelines is a time-consuming process. Developing automated tools can both save time, as well as make tools like Deep Learning more accessible to non-domain experts. 

Julia will be supervised by LIACS researchers dr. Mitra Baratchi and prof. dr. Holger Hoos, as well as prof. dr. Ilse Aben dr. Bram Maasakkers from SRON, and dr. Rochelle Schneider from ESA-ESRIN.

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