The ADA research group welcomes Annelot Bosman as a group member

Annelot recently joined the ADA group as a PhD candidate. Before coming to Leiden she completed both her bachelor’s and master’s in Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During her studies, she specialised in Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics.

Her PhD topic focusses on (complete) robustness verification of deep neural networks, which involves MIP-based verification. The topic is especially important as neural networks are used more and more in practical applications.  Verifying the safety of Neural Networks is an important step in being able to trust the decisions they make under any arbitrary circumstance.

Annelot will be supervised by both prof.dr. Holger Hoos and dr. Jan van Rijn.  Holger Hoos is part of the recently established Alexander-von-Humboldt Chair in AI Methodology (AIM) at RWTH Aachen University, which is an integral part of the multi-institutional ADA Research Group.


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