New PhD student joining the ADA research group

The ADA research group welcomes Matthias König as a new PhD student.

Before joining ADA, Matthias wrote his master thesis on automated age estimation from unconstrained facial imagery under the supervision of Holger Hoos and Jan van Rijn, while doing an internship at PwC’s Data Analytics unit. He holds a master’s degree in Media Technology from Leiden University and, next to that, followed the Information Studies/Data Science master’s course at the University of Amsterdam.

Matthias’ research is concerned with detecting when (Auto-)AI systems are “out of their depth” and developing mechanisms to fill potential gaps in the training space of these systems. Broadly speaking, he is interested in making AI systems more reliable by finding ways to verify their predictions – especially in settings where ground truth is inaccessible. Hopefully, his work will make AI-based tools safer to use for both experts and non-experts and reduce uncertainty in the predictions made by AI systems.


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